Professional services for real businesses

When your business needs help, where do you turn?

Starting or growing a business is no easy task. You’ve pushed through the early days, the tough times, the heady times, and worked hard to get here. Now you’re looking further ahead, and are perhaps unsure about next steps; investment, hiring, pricing, expansion, marketing, productivity – what should your priorities should be?

When your business needs help, I can provide it. By working together, we can gather the tools, create the processes and build the framework to get your business from here to there.

My consulting practice is like your business – made up of real people, doing real work, focusing on tangible, actionable results.

With wide-ranging experience in start-up, small and medium-sized high-growth companies, I can work with you to define the issues, scope the work, and deliver results that will move your organization forward.

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