Consulting Services

Professional services for real businesses

As an individual, I can tailor my approach to best fit your needs, but all projects typically include these steps;

Following an initial conversation or two in which we establish a need and basis to work together, we’ll schedule a billable discovery session.

This session will allow us to understand the goal of the engagement, to define your desired outcome, and to scope the tools or processes that you want to walk away with.

With this information in hand, I’ll provide a complete proposal, in the form of a Statement of Work. This document will include the goals, scope, requirements and results outlined above, as well as cover confidentiality, clearly explain costs, timelines, payment terms, etc.

Projects can be structured and billed either on an hourly basis, or on a project basis with time caps and overage contingencies. Discounts are available for extended engagements.


Core Competencies

  • Financial planning & analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Pricing & revenue models
  • Acquisition evaluation & integration planning
  • Creative problem solving
  • Process & productivity improvement
  • Internal reporting & benchmarking
  • Performance monitoring

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