Client Work

Past clients and consulting projects

Independent Consulting, February 2009 – Present

Undisclosed Client, Clean Technology company (Plug-load Energy Management)

  • Provide feedback and guidance on the technical roadmap (hardware and software), to determine critical headcount needs and timing,
  • Develop a comprehensive business model, including detailed revenue & expense models, resulting in a set of consolidated financial forecasts,
  • Evaluate and help implement effective pricing structures for a product and service that are brand new and unique,
  • Provide input on the creation of an effective investor presentation  for fundraising purposes,
  • Facilitate investor meetings as needed.

Kicker Studio, User Interface and Industrial Design Firm

  • Introduced performance monitoring, including establishment of baseline & target utilization and billing rates,
  • Created streamlined tools for internal project costing, including a positive feedback loop for improved accuracy over time,
  • Developed basic processes and tools for full-year budgeting & revenue forecasting,
  • Established a structure for regular management and variance reporting,
  • Facilitated growth planning, including establishment of necessary financial targets to support additional headcount.

The Crucible, Industrial Arts Non-Profit

  • Member, Advisory Council to the Board of Directors
  • Directed the streamlined integration of online transaction data with the in-house financial system,
  • Currently working on an extensive program & pricing analysis, for improved class enrollment,
  • Work with the Finance Committee on debt consolidation, improving working capital and increasing cost efficiencies.

ABC Legal Services, Legal Services firm

  • Led the successful effort to negotiate the acquisition of a related business in Northern California, including operational and financial due diligence, price negotiations and closing terms.

R3 Builders & West Coast Fixtures, Commercial Construction & Cabinetry Firms

  • Consultant, working with Principal owner and partner of two related firms, to address financing, reporting, forecasting and organizational development issues, to facilitate the next phase of growth.

Sockdolager LLC, Arts Production & Management company

  • Founder and Managing Member for a sculptural arts group, responsible for the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, a large-scale, interactive art installation,
  • Responsible for the establishment and organization of the business, legal, financial and administrative framework within which the project was successfully managed,
  • Co-Lead Artist responsible for guiding the project from initial concept, through design engineering, fund raising, fabrication & installation,
  • As Project Manager, supervised 60+ volunteers on a daily basis, through diverse aspects of the project, including fabrication, logistics, fundraising and support, leading to an on-time completion and delivery,
  • Responsible for all guiding facets of negotiations, permits, engineering and fund-raising for a 14 month public installation at Pier 14, on San Francisco’s Embarcadero,
  • Responsible for vendor selection and management of all outside fabrication work.

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